About Premier Live

Premier Live = Be Your Passion

Premier Live is a leader in global luxury tennis, golf and music events & travel. We also organize camps, experiences, and have a full-service marketing and design group. Premier Live seeks to develop and work with a select group of up and coming athletes, artists and the world’s most iconic destinations. We work with major corporations and sponsors to design and create world class events. We own and organize the Necker Cup Tennis (www.neckercup.com) and Necker Open Golf (www.neckeropen.com) Pro-Am’s, in partnership with Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group and Mehow Music. We organize the One World Players Party and Pro-Am Ping Pong Tournament, hosted at One World Trade Center, prior to the US Open Tennis Championships. A percent of each Premier Live event goes back to local and partner charities. Since 2012, Premier Live events have raised over $4,000,000 for worthy charities including the National Tennis Foundation, Novak Djokovic Foundation, Rafa Nadal Foundation, Bryan Brothers Foundation, Inspiring Children Foundation, Virgin Unite, and numerous other APT / WTA / PGA Player Foundations.

Founded by tennis lovers with a passion for golf and music, our 50 + combined  years experience in the events industry help achieve our daily mission: to create world class events, travel experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

In addition, our charitable endeavors have raised over $4,000,000 in 5 years for our chosen beneficiaries.


Premier Live is a catalyst for making tomorrow’s great players and performers, to build the stages upon which epic matches and performances are performed, and to create great moments that both player, performer, client, and spectator will cherish for a lifetime.


  • To dream with eyes wide open.
  • To create new and incredible events in the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.
  • To positively change lives through sport, music, philanthropy, travel and interconnecting great people.


To leverage our industry contacts and expertise in running world class events to raise money for worthy non-profit organizations and create social change in the world.